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god of war betrayal

god of war betrayal

god of war betrayal

"God of War: Betrayal" is a mobile game in the "God of War" series developed by Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment. It was released in 2007 for mobile phones and follows the story of Kratos, the main protagonist of the series, as he is betrayed by the gods and must seek revenge against them.

In the game, Kratos is tasked with stopping the resurrection of the goddess of death, Persephone, who has formed an alliance with the gods of Olympus to destroy Kratos and take over the world. Along the way, Kratos is betrayed by several characters, including Zeus and Athena, and must fight his way through hordes of enemies to ultimately defeat Persephone and the gods who betrayed him.

"God of War: Betrayal" is not considered a main entry in the "God of War" series, but it is still a canonical part of the franchise's story.

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