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Official ✭৳84,999 64 GB
৳120,500 256 GB
Some say (including Apple of course) that the new iPhone X is the smartphone of the future. This can be highly arguable since Samsung is thinking about out of the box folding display technology and some companies are working on improved modular phone concept like the Google Ara. This discussion can go on for hours. So, for now, let’s concentrate on the new iPhone X. What is new, what are the specialities?

The first thing one notices is the somewhat weird display. The display design on top together with the camera setup is weird. I won’t buy any other comment on that. But on the other hand, all buttons and bezels disappearing completely from the front is surely something amazing and futuristic. The previous aluminum frame has been replaced with stainless steel which makes it more elegant and valuable piece of art. The display is now 5.8 inches big. But because of its design, the phone itself is not as big as a regular 5.8-inch phone. Which is purely smart. Apple has finally moved from IPS LCD technology to super AMOLED which Samsung has been using successfully for years. If you do not understand the difference, Super AMOLED retina display is more awesome than any other display out there in 2017.

Another discussable feature is the Face ID. Apple replaced fingerprint with face ID. This is arguably more secure than fingerprint but not as flexible. Imagine trying to unlock your phone with Face ID in a crowded place or in an emergency where you are running and looking around. There are tons of situation where Face ID is not a practical security solution for a smartphone. It also gets personal and alarming when you realize that the phone in your hand is slowly moving to a position where it starts to gather more and more sensitive information about you and trying to judge you based on that. Whereas, and I quote, ” AI will never get even slightly close to understanding the level of complexity a human individual can process.” Just because of Face ID, I wouldn’t even consider the iPhone X and rather go for Google Pixel 2 XL.

The last mentionable improvement in iPhone X is its 12 MP Dual back camera and portrait mode. The camera is better than the previous iPhone 8 and 8 plus. It even arguably competes with traditional DSLR camera in specific situations such as low light photography and filming, casual outdoor filming, close ranged portrait and video recording.

Tag: iphone x price in  bangladesh, iphone x price in bd, iphone x price, iphone x