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    introduce yourself in viva

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah, how are you dear friends? I hope you are well. I'm fine too Alhamdulillah.Friends, today we will discuss how you can easily introduce yourself as a Viva examinee.Viva is a test where you have to give an immediate verbal answer.Today we will share with you some tips to answer easily verbally.

    Learn some formats to suit your needs. Learn how to say it or how to say it longer and you need to learn them in advance,

    self introduction in viva exami

    You can introduce yourself according to following steps -

    Firstly :

    Tell your name,

    your father's & mother's name,

    your living place.

    The best format for your query -

    Option: 1

    Thank you sir for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.

    I am Mr. Sarkar Sarkar and Mrs. Anita Sarkar's son

    I graduated from Finance University with a degree in Finance and Banking. My father is a business man and my mother is a housemaid.

    I have one brother and one sister

    My favorite hobbies are traveling, reading novels, watching movies.

    ntroduce yourself in viva boaelf introduction for viva

    Option: 2

    Its Rina Chakraborty, my father’s name is Susanta Chakraborty who is my business tycoon and captain. My mother's name is Archana Chakraborty who is my family's housemaid and teacher. I have completed my SSC and HSC from Khulna Central School and College respectively. In 2013 and 2014, he obtained BBA and MBA in Marketing and Finance from a reputed Khulna University, although the year of passing the certificate was 2010 and 2011. Now I try to join an organization to take advantage of my potential.

    introduce myself in viva

    Option: 3

    Science background

    I am Mr. Sanjit Paul. I have passed BSc in Agriculture from Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University. I have four members in my family. My father is a businessman and my mother is a housemaid. I have only one older sister. I was born in Jessore, (village name), and my parents came from Jessore district under Khulna division. This is my first BCS with the long cherished dream of being fresh and BCS cadre.


    Background of science

    I am the son of Md. Kartik Dutt, Mr. Rajesh Dutt and Mrs. Geeta Rani Dutt. I am from Chittagong. I have done post graduate and post graduate from Chittagong University. My subject was physics. Chittagong High School and Government of Chittagong. College was my previous educational institution. In addition to my academic background, I have a good involvement in a non-political social organization. I also have a good interest in creative writing. Now I am looking for a job. Thank you.

    self introduction for viva exam


    I thank you for giving me this benefit sir. My name is Md. Sohail Ahmed Khan. My father's name is Abdul Hannan Khan and mother's name is Fatema Begum. My father was surprised. Lawyer ND My mother is a government employee. I passed SSC ND HSC in 2003. We are two brothers and one sister. I am the youngest son of my parents. I graduated in Zoology I am still a postgraduate student in Fisheries. I have had a dream since my first year of postgraduate that once I present myself as a BCS cadre. That's why I'm here now. My hobbies are reading newspapers, traveling. My strengths are positive attitude, quick n self-student, friendly n confident. My weakness is that I am feeling uncomfortable until I finish the work prescribed by the tongue emoticon tongue emoticon. I am fresh I hope I can enhance my skills through foundation training and prove it in service. Thank you for listening patiently and for giving me your precious time.

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